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Silver Dollars For Sale - 1868 Dollar, Seated Liberty, Obverse

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There are more people scouting for silver dollars for sale now than ever before.  Silver nearly tripled from the first quarter of 2010 to the first quarter of 2011.  Silver rose nearly 30% in April of 2011.  While you can always look into silver ETF funds or some solid silver stocks to buy, have bullion is the foundation of your precious metal investments.  And silver dollars are a great, historic place to start.

Silver Dollars For Sale And The Popular Morgans

Morgan silver dollars are among the most sought after silver dollars for sale.  The Morgans were first created back in the 1870s.  They were continuously produced until about 1904.  After being out of production for nearly two decades, they were again made in 1921, when there was an abundance of silver on the market.  These coins feature the classic shot of Lady Liberty’s head on the front of the coin.  The back has the eagle with wings spread and the olive branch.  Also in 1921, the Peace Dollar was introduced.  It effectively took the place of the Morgan, and production of the Peace Dollar was ongoing until 1935. George T. Morgan is responsible for having designed both sides of the coin, and hence the coin is named after him.  Interestingly, much of the silver in the coins comes from a major silver vein that was mined in Nevada in the United States.  The coins were produced to a fineness of .900.  As a result of this grade, unlike more of a pure bullion coin with .999 silver, the quantity of silver per coin is about .77344 troy ounces.   The balance of the coins are made up of copper.  This helps give durability to the coins.

Silver Dollars For Sale And Why The Mint Matters

Among all the silver dollars for sale, it’s not uncommon to find Morgans to be the centerpiece, or starting point, of a collection.  The collectability of the coins stems from the diversity of the availability of product.  For instance, while they were minted in various locations, some of the most rare, and thus sought after, are those that were made in the Cason City plant.  The versions coming out of the Denver, Philadelphia, New Orleans, and San Francisco mints were not as popular for collectible purposes.  The Carson City coins are easy to identify because they have a tiny “CC” that is located between the D and O on the side of the coin with the bald eagle. In addition to the Carson City plant coins, there are other highly sought after varieties.  There tend to be given years and strike marks that are more popular than others.  For instance, some of the most expensive silver dollars for sale are the 1889-CC Morgan Silver Dollar.  The 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar is popular, as is the version from 1895.  Wanting them and actually obtaining them for your collection may be two very different things, however.  To put things in perspective, note that MS-67 versions of the 1893-S is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $30,000!  Similarly, the 1889-CC is valued at about the same.

Silver Dollars For Sale Of The Walking Liberty Variety

The Morgan Silver Dollars are sandwiched on both sides by other coins of issue.  For instance, the “Walking Liberties” largely came after the Morgans, as they were minted between the years of 1916 and 1947.  Unlike the Morgan’s design created by George T. Morgan, the Walking Liberties were created by Adolph Weinman, who didn’t get the benefit of having the coins named after him.  However, he did enjoy the success of having his design get later picked up for use on the contemporary American Silver Eagle.

Silver Dollars For Sale That Sit

Prior to the Morgan, it was not the Walking Liberty, but rather the Seated One.  The Seated Liberty Dollar was produced between the years of 1840 and 1873.  These also have the typical .77344 troy ounces of silver in them.  The most noteworthy aspect about the Seated Liberty coins is that they were mass produced and actually used for currency until 1853.  At that time, the value of the actual coin surpassed the face value of it.  The situation remained this way until 1870.  At that time, the value of silver dropped and the face value of the coin was restored. What makes these such popular silver dollars for saleis the fact that there are only a few hundred, maybe even as few as 50, of the more rare versions people hunt for.  To be sure, the Seated Liberty Dollars are similar to the Morgan Silver Dollars in that certain versions have become the favorites of collectors.  Once more, the Carson City mint put out the most sought after coins, and the primary dates of choice are 1871, 1872, and 1873.  There are just a handful of these Carson City coins in existence.  The big enigma of the Seated Liberty dollars, however, is the 1851-O.  Curiously, not much is known about it, except that it is next to impossible to find one of these silver dollars for sale.

Silver Dollars For Sale